Mobile water purification - a fast and safe way to secure production

For ten years now, Mobile Water Services, part of Veolia Water Technologies, has been deployed around Europe with its trailers full of equipment to help with water purification in the event of emergencies and not least planned stops. In the water-dependent pulp and paper industry, this rental model has become much appreciated. A service that is now also available to customers in the Nordic market.

- I´m really pleased, the interest in Mobile Water Services here in the Nordics has been great! As this type of rental mobile water purification service has not been available on the Nordic market before, it has not been included in the customers' decision making processes before. Now more and more people are discovering the benefits of renting water treatment instead of owning it. And to have a cost-effective back-up plan to avoid costly downtime in case an emergency should occur, and the water treatment will fail, says Per-Åke Lindström, Business Development Manager for the Nordics at Mobile Water Services.


Trailers with equipment for reverse osmosis and deionisation treated demineralised water to a paper mill. Photo: Veolia Water Technologies

300 mobile water treatment systems

Veolia’s Mobile Water Services is today a leading provider in Europe in water treatment services and has over 300 mobile major water treatment systems ready to be sent out to customers who need help urgently, at planned stops when something is to be renovated or for multi-year services.

- We have standard services for mobile water purification for up to seven years. The slightly longer services are a safe and good way to get a tailor-made alternative with full service, competent staff and the latest technology during a time when the investment budget may be a bit strained and you prefer to put the money on the operational side, says Per-Åke Lindström.

Ideal for planned maintenance

An example of such a planned stop where Mobile Water Services was rented was at a Nordic pulp mill where parts of their ion exchange equipment were to be repaired.

- The job had to be done relatively quickly. For two weeks, we replaced the mill's own purification system and delivered approximately 80 cubic meters of treated demineralised water per hour to the boilers, with guaranteed quality, says Per-Åke Lindström.

The solution Mobile Water Services provided were two trailers: MORO 4x25T for reverse osmosis and MODI-15000T for deionisation, a system with two streams of cation exchange, anion exchange and mixed bed, and a MOFI 3x60 pre-filter.

With the help of the temporary water treatment system, the mill did not have to shut down during the repair and was able to continue running without production disruptions. The customer pays for the number of days they use the service and can, for both shorter and longer assignments, decide for themselves how involved they want to be in the work.

Rapid deployment

Around the clock, all year round, Mobile Water Services has mobile water purification techniques for all needs: deionisation, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, water softening, desalination of seawater and more. The customer can get assistance with flows from about 5 cubic meters to approximately 1000 cubic meters per hour. The equipment is pre-packaged on a trailer with plug-and-play connections for ease of use.

- From the time the customer calls us until we arrive on site with our trailers loaded with exactly the right equipment required for the customer's facility, it takes about a day for facilities in southern Sweden, says Per-Åke Lindström.

Veolia’s Mobile Water Services now has seven depots around Europe. In 2020 Europe's largest regeneration plant was opened in Heinsberg, outside Düsseldorf, Germany. Strategically located to enable even faster response in northern Europe.

The inside of a MORO 4x25T trailer for reverse osmosis. Photo: Veolia Water Technologies

The importance of contingency planning

- Letting us at Mobile Water Services be part of the company's Business Continuity Plan is a smart and cost-effective way to ensure the continuity of operations. Avoiding operational disruptions is also about maintaining the company's reputation as a reliable supplier, says Per-Åke Lindström.

For example. A water-dependent paper mill may have redundancy according to the N + 1-principle when in reality at least two backup systems are needed to ensure water purification. If you do not have that, or think it is too expensive, then the only way to get enough redundancy is to seek outside help.

It started with a breakdown

The first assignment for Mobile Water Services in Sweden was a breakdown. A large paper mill experienced acute problems with water purification after issues with their onsite regeneration process. The water quality into the boilers deteriorated and it was not possible to carry out repairs.

The mill called Mobile Water Services directly. Soon, two trailers for reverse osmosis and for deionisation were on the way. Once there, they delivered 40 cubic meters of treated demineralised water per hour for a week, while the problems with water purification were resolved.

- They had to shut down the boilers for a few hours, but without our mobile solution the mill might have been shut down for several days. Given the conditions, the effort was highly successful, says Per-Åke Lindström.


Per-Åke Lindström, Sales Manager for Mobile Water Services, part of Veolia Water Technologies, Nordics.

REACT- a free emergency service

To avoid delay in emergency operations, Mobile Water Services has created the emergency service REACT. A tailor-made and free service where staff from the company visit the customer and together with them make an inventory of their water purification system and what is needed in case of a quick emergency response from Mobile Water Services, like connections for water and power supply for the trailers.

- This means that we can be on our way in just a few hours with our Ready to Go-trailers packed with exactly the right equipment for the customer's needs and a prepared plan for how the mobile water treatment will be connected in the shortest possible time, says Per-Åke Lindström.

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Per-Åke Lindström,
Business Development Manager, Nordic
Veolia Mobile Water Services
Mobile: +46 (0)70 247 57 18