Germany’s Heinzel Group to overhaul production capacities in Austria

German packaging maker Heinzel Group is investing in the Austrian market. Photo by Heinzel Group

New investment German packaging maker Heinzel Group has announced that, followingthe integration of Steyrermühl operations the company acquired from UPM in Austria, it is nearing the completion of a major project at the facility.


"The rebuilding of PM6 machine there remains well on track, with production of kraft papers slated to commence in May 2024,” the manufacturer said in a statement.


The Steyrermühl mill became part of Heinzel Group on January 1, 2024, according to the statement.


"From low-value wood we produce high-value pulp and paper as well as green energy. From wastepaper and old drink cartons we create new paper. We evolve with the needs of our business partners, always offering new products and services. We renew our businesses by investing in them and breathe new life into old companies,” Heinzel Group said.